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We all know that our community faces serious challenges. The difficult economic climate has been particularly hard on our residents, and we have all felt its effect. Many home values have declined, and our area has had difficulty attracting quality jobs. In our schools, the incredible efforts of our teachers have kept students performing at a high level, but maintaining this level of performance is increasingly difficult, given our schools’ inadequate facilities and potentially unstable resources.

We can’t just wait for things to get better. Turning around our community is up to us, and it starts with our schools. Improving our schools and the quality of education we offer means a better future for our kids, but it also means jobs and economic development for everyone in our community.

Draft Facilities Master Plan
The draft Facilities Master Plan will bring excellence, efficiency and equity to schools across St. Joseph School District.  To review a summary of the draft Facilities Master Plan Click Here. To lean what it means for every phase Click Here.  To lean what it means to every school Click Here.

Statements of Recommendations
At the end of Step One of PACT, during the June 14, 2011 meeting of the St. Joseph School Board, PACT presented 51 Statements of Recommendation, in addition to the Draft Facilities Master Plan.  To view the 51 Statements of Recommendation, Click Here.

In the months following Step One, PACT undertook Step Two at the reqeust of the School Board.  Community volunteers made over 50 presentations to community groups and PTA’s at each school soliciting feedback from the entire community.  To view the feedback that was submitted during Step Two, Click Here.

Review PACT Process
How did we get here? Click here to learn more about every step of the PACT process. View presentations by experts, review materials, and see how PACT participants reached consensus on the June, 2011 recommendations.

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